Introducing my first ever Art Documentary!

I am pleased to present my new art documentary ‘My Love is Bulletproof’ by Nikky Agnello.

This 5 min documentary gives a glimpse into the themes and narrative behind my new installation work ‘My love is Bulletproof’, discussing Australia’s changing gun laws. As many of you know I have been working very hard on a new installation and this documentary is a companion piece to complete the picture.

'My Love is Bulletproof' by Nikky Agnello

Plastic and Paper construction. 1m wide x 1m deep x 2.8m high

A child size bulletproof vest is frozen in time, creating a force field of love, which deflects black shrapnel around it. It is labelled with a child’s name and Small toys are visible in the utility pockets. The vest is created from hundreds of handwritten love notes from local mothers to their children.

This artwork seeks to encourage dialogue about the current eroding of Australia’s gun laws and where this may lead us. It centres on a parents love for their child, and their desire to keep them safe. To raise awareness of the dangerous power play that is going on between the Australian government and the pro gun lobbyists.

Although I have written and art directed tv commercials in my role as art director working for many high profile international advertising agencies, this is my first time behind the camera myself. In fact this is also my first time in front of the camera, in the editing suite chair and as the soundmix engineer! As an independent emerging artist I find you have to wear a lot of hats! Lucky hats suit me.

The whole process of development in this project has been profoundly rewarding as I have learnt new skills and explored new media. I have also found the process of script writing has sharpened my focus on the true intention behind my artwork. Seeing myself through the lens of the camera has enabled me to put myself under scrutiny. I have been able to clarify what drives me creatively and this has encouraged me to think about where I might next take my art and how to stir the social conscience.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated by contributing a #littleloveletter to your child, and sharing it with me for inclusion in my installation, and to those who showed interest in my project. Together we have created a powerful and thought provoking artwork about the consequences of the current softening of Australia’s gun laws.

Please take a moment to enjoy this small offering from me and if you enjoyed it I’d love it if you could help me spread the word by sharing it on facebook.

Thank you

Nikky Agnello

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Art to stir the Social Conscience

Nikky Agnello is an award winning

art director, graphic designer and artist with over 15 years experience working internationally. As a conceptual visual artist her work centers around the interconnected relationship between human rights and environment.

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