Love letters to my child

Little Love Letters


Do you have 5 mins to put towards safeguarding your little ones future?

I am Nikky Agnello, a local mother and artist from Seaford. My art practice is built around conversation about human rights and the environment. This month I am creating an art installation for the Incinerator Gallery in Melbourne and need your imput.

I am working on a piece to encourage dialogue about the eroding of Australias gun laws and where this may lead us. My artwork will be centred on a mothers love for their child and will not be politically driven or inflammatory.

Right now there is a movement being led by pro gun lobbyists to pressurize the government to change policy on gun laws in Australia. They have considerable funding from Australias largest small arms dealer and have already been successful in softening gun laws in Tasmania. Weaker gun laws cost lives through deadly domestic abuse, suicide, accidents and mass shootings.

If this worries you, please can you give me just 5 mins of your time by contributing a handwritten note for inclusion in my sculpture.

I want to include real handwritten love notes from parents to their children in my artwork.

As a mother I want a future for my child where they are free to roam, explore and taste all the wonders life has to offer. I don't want to be afraid to be out on the streets or in large public spaces. I want them to be able to live without the fear that lax gun laws create. As a mother my chief aim is to keep my child safe and secure.

Creative thought starters

The idea of the little love letter is a love note to your child. Thought starters are how proud you are of them, what you hope their life will contain, why you love them, what you want most for them, and how you want to keep them safe etc. Please handwrite a short note on any paper and with any pen, texta or pencil you like. Feel free to get creative with colour and collage or keep it simple in pen on paper, it's up to you. I would love it if you could include your child’s name and your name and suburb as it will make the work even more powerful and authentic, but if you wish to remain anonymous that is fine too.

I am creating a sculpture from these little love letters so they will be crinkled up and attached in mass to my structure and partially concealed but a few words of some letters may be visible and will create texture. You may want to keep the original letter to give to your child so you can scan or photograph your note for me to reprint.

Brisbane billboard advertising Victrix bolt-action rifle for domestic use, used by military in USA. Photograph Ben Smee for the Guardian

As you know softer gun laws hit us harder. Let's make a safe future for our kids.

If you would like to read more about this you can do so here:

Peter Dutton considering request for gun importers to review rule changes

Tasmanian Liberal government promises to soften gun laws

NRA inspired firearms lobby targeting Australias gun laws

Feel free to contact me on the details below with any questions and thanks so much for your help.

Deadline 21 May

Send Little Love Letters:

Please scan or photograph just the note closeup so words are clearly legible and can be reprinted, and please include your name and email address unless you wish to remain anonymous. By submitting a love letter you give permission for it to be reprinted for the purpose of inclusion in the artwork.


TEXT 0400120653

POST 4 beckwith Grove, Seaford, Victoria 3198

Please subscribe to my Art Adventures Blog so I can share the finished artwork.


Thank you

Nikky Agnello

Nikky Agnello

Love. Respect. Human rights. Environment. We are one.

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