'The Love Garden'

by Nikky Agnello

NEXTWAVE 2020: A Government of Artists


Critical Dialogue:
Demargininalizing the conception of low self esteem and the personal and social
ramifications of this.


There is plenty of research detailing the root courses of low self esteem but not much is

understood about the adverse consequences this has for a person or society in general.
This artwork explores how to begin growing
self compassion which is the key to healing
this condition.


Using an interdisciplinary approach that
merges art and science a human height
anatomical heart installation evolves over time to bloom with flowers and fruit through crystal formation to discuss self compassion and the flow on affect this has to society. Constructed from white paper it works through capillary action. A time lapse animation of the process is projected
behind it.

Visual of gallery view of installation 'The Love Garden' by Nikky Agnello



Part of the way I will fund this project is through a week long series of ticketed workshops dealing with self help.

A program of curated Holistic practioners share their knowledge with workshop participants in the gallery space around the artwork, centred on overcoming trauma and healing. I will conduct an artist talk about the work at each of these workshops. This will be bring a new audience to view the artwork who might not have come for art alone and will also provide valuable help to them.