Nikky Agnello

Nikky Agnello is an award winning art director, graphic designer and artist with over 15 years experience working internationally. As a professional visual artist she focusses on the interconnected relationship between human rights and environment. Graphic pattern and muted earthy tones are characteristics of her work. Drawing inspiration from the contours and character of the plywood she paints on, she often uses the contours present in the wood as a starting point for an artwork. Her deeply moving artworks stay with you long after you first view them. She has had three solo shows, participated in high profile group shows and  has won many awards for her art and conceptual art direction. She lives in Seaford in a ramshackle house she shares with her long suffering husband, two kids and 5 chickens.

Conceptual Visual Artist Nikky Agnello

Melbourne, Australia

Tel 0400 120 653